Smater CG

The Smarter CG is An extremely Powerful Titling program designed especially for the Live Broadcast and Video Post Production environment. It comes with a very flexible, easy to use, Title Compose Program for creating High Quality Title Pages . Once the Title Pages have been composed, they can be displayed automatically or completely under Manual Control. A Display List can be created ahead of time to make On Air usage a simple, One Keystroke Operation, or you can randomly select the Title Pages while On Air. Even with a Display List, you still maintain the flexibility for those "Last Minute" changes. Smarter CG can also be used to display Standard Format Graphic Images as well as Text Animation Sequences. Title Pages, Graphic Images, and Text Animation Sequences can be freely intermixed with one another in any order. Title Pages can contain Text (of course), Background Color boxes, Geometric Shapes, full-color graphic images as Logos, and either a Background Graphic or Background Video. The text is created using TrueType typefaces and can be Sized, Kerned, Rotated, and Italicized. Each character can have up to Two Edges and Three Shadows. The character's edges and shadows can be colorized with a solid color, a vertical Color Spread, a Color Gradient or Textures. MULTILANGUAGE AND UNLIMITED CRAWL


  • Support of all languages and ability of using simultaneous and unlimited multi languages in crawl.
  • Ability of simultaneous use of right to left and left to right crawl.
  • Ability to type in different languages right to left and left to right fonts.
  • Ability to type 2 or more languages showing in correct order.
  • Wide variety of text options using any installed TrueType font.


  • Ability of reading contents from file and folder.
  • Ability to read file contents and use in crawl, text and roll.
  • Ability to read folder content in order of files..
  • Quick Edit mode for rapid data entry .
  • Open database connectivity (ODBC) to databases and spreadsheets; displays RSS feeds.


  • Ability of simultaneous and unlimited use of all objects (scroll, crawl, roll, animation, time, clock, line, box, circle, picture and text pages).
  • Provides easy creation of unlimited crawl, roll, animation and text pages.
  • Allows creation of graphic objects (boxes, circles, splines, lines timer and clock)
  • Seemingly separate channels/layers output as one channel
  • Ability of edit or production of new title, simultaneous with broadcast.


  • Ability of replacing a word or a special character in crawl or roll with file (text, animation or picture) unlimited.
  • Ability to add logo, picture and animation in between crawl.


  •  Ability to produce animation files and unlimited showing.
  •  Real-time 2D and 3D animation creation and playback.
  •  Animation production using different software (aftereffects….) and exporting it to image TGA sequence and PNG sequence.
  •  Ability for easy animation building with SCG (smarter character generator) animation builder and unlimited use of animation files.